On Oct. 18, at the Clyde-Brummel Park  Eighth Ward residents and other community members attended the rededication of “The Wall of Struggle and Dreams.”

Originally the public art mural was created in 1993 by residents of south Evanston working with Kiela Smith-Upton and the Chicago Public Art Group. Over the past years, the 16-year-old mural had begun to show serious signs of deterioration which required a restoration effort to save the mural.

Ms.Smith-Upton supervised lead artist Max Sansing and dozens of community volunteers over approximately a six week period in the restoration of the 326-foot mural.

City arts officials said the mural was originally dedicated in memory of young Marchelle Gibbs, and the restored mural stands as a testament to this neighborhood’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe and happy environment for future generations.

Many might find that this vibrant mural, located at the intersection of Clyde Avenue and Brummel Street, is well worth a trip to this secluded corner of Evanston.