For most high school teens, dreams are yet to be reached. While some velleities may come true, few freshmen will ever be the next big thing.

Sam Nicolosi is not a typical freshman. Of course he hangs out with his friends and does homework. But four years ago, Sam decided that he was going to use his skills and started making music. Soon he was able to start recording all of his music. Venues began to offer him shows. His music career just took off.

Nicolosi, who goes under the stage name of “We Proudly Present…”, is an Evanston based singer-songwriter. He focuses around the alternative-pop genre, clearly reflected in his single “New Flavors of Fresh Pages”, which will be released on iTunes in November. Actually, he can be found all over the web.

Nicolosi uses iLike software to put anything he records on his computer onto all of his web pages. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, everywhere. We Proudly Present… is online.

Every year, Congress Theater holds a giant two-day show called the Next Big Thing, which turns Congress into a colossal melting pot of bands and singers from all over the Chicago area. And Sam’s work got him all the way to the headlining spot.

Sam sings and plays guitar and bass when he records. But he needs a little help playing live. So backing him up is his friends/local band, The Reflects. They won Evanston’s Battle of the Bands, so it seemed like an obvious choice to help him. So on November 7th, a group of mere high schoolers who all share a common love of music are taking the stage at one of the biggest venues in Chicago-Congress Theater.

“We Proudly Present…” is playing at “The Next Big Thing” in Chicago on November 7th, with times and stage yet to be announced. Tickets cost $13. Get more info at