Driving down Dodge Avenue near Evanston Township High School, one may notice that raised beds and wood chips have claimed “the Log” on the southeast corner of Davis Street. The empty 5,000-square-foot lot where students once smoked cigarettes has been transformed into a gardon plot by ETHS students and volunteers from the Talking Farm. The students and adult volunteers laid a base of cardboard and covered it with wood chips to establish the garden base. Shop class students have built seven raised beds and plan to build a total of 24.

Called the Edible Acre Project, it is a partnership between the Talking Farm and ETHS and will be productive both educationally and nutritionally, its founders believe. Students from from horticulture and senior studies classes and community service and green team programs will help maintain the plot, and the Talking Farm will oversee the project, said Debbie Hillman, one of the founders of the Talking Farm.