I attend a lot of local meetings, because I am very interested in community matters and in city and state government.  One day I realized that a guy named Jeff Smith was at all the same meetings, and always emerged as facilitator and leader, providing the group with a structure for the discussion and outcome.  Before long, the first thing I did at meetings was to look for Jeff and to make sure I could be part of the same subgroup.  

Jeff is remarkably well-informed, knowledgeable, and reasonable.  He has great skills working with people with varying points of view.  He has maturity, excellent judgment, and long experience with political affairs at local and state levels.  

 Of the candidates currently running for our state representative, Jeff is to my mind the most qualified to step into Julie Hamos’ shoes.  He has all the credentials, and is ready to take off running, because he is already a part of our political scene.  He is a remarkable guy with, let’s face it, an unremarkable name.  Do remember it on election day.

                                                             Frances Seidman