Dear editor:  I recently volunteered for Democrat Jeff Smith’s campaign for State Representative (IL-18th).  An Evanston resident, Jeff is a graduate of Northwestern and Harvard Law School, owns a law firm here, and has been actively involved in the community for decades.  I started doing field work in the district, wearing my campaign button, passing out brochures, trying to make voters familiar with Jeff.  But this time, everything was changed.  I didn’t have to say anything.  Residents of both Evanston and Rogers Park read the campaign button and begin telling me about Jeff.  They said:

“Oh, I know Jeff, he was my neighbor;” “I know Jeff from years ago, he helped me with a computer problem;” from a fellow lawyer, “I have met Jeff, I’m glad to know he’s running for office;” and “I know Jeff, he gets out in the community a lot.  I used to play baseball with his son.”  These were just a few of the many people who said, “Oh, I know Jeff.”  So if you want to volunteer for Jeff Smith for State Representative, I will tell you that the field work is not hard.  Just put on your campaign button, grab your brochures and stand outside.  The voters will come up and start talking to you.  

Ellen Warzak