Ten District 65 schools were recognized by the Illinois PBIS Network for achieving the “Implementing” phase in implementing the Positive Behavior and Interventions Support (PBIS) program in the 2008-09 school year: Bessie Rhodes Magnet, Dawes Elementary, Dewey Elementary, King Lab Magnet, Kingsley Elementary, Nichols Middle, Oakton Elementary, Walker Elementary, Washington Elementary and Willard Elementary School.

The recognition of “implementing” is given to schools that are “maintaining the school-wide PBIS foundation and building the foundation for Tier2/Secondary Level Interventions. “

“Teachers are trained to teach expected behaviors, model positive behaviors, design interventions that help individual students exhibit appropriate behaviors, and thus create practices that improve school climate and culture,” said the District in a prepared statement. “This year, with the expanded coaching role of program supervisor, Joyce Bartz, and the next level of PBIS staff training, the hope is to move all schools to the ‘fully implementing’ recognition status.”

The recognition of “fully implementing” is given to schools that are “sustaining school-wide PBIS intervention, maintaining Tier2/Secondary Level Interventions and building the foundation for Tier3/Tertiary Interventions.”

The highest recognition is given to schools which have an “exemplar” program.

District 65 began to pilot PBIS in 2001-02. Since that time, the District has adopted the program as its model for achieving social and learning outcomes, while preventing problem behavior with all students. PBIS is a research-based program that has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an effective model for creating safe and effective schools.