Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl has appointed 11 members to a task force committee to look at the City’s budget with an eye to finding long-term solutions to continuing systemic problems. Revenues have fallen short of expenses for the past several years, forcing the City Council into tough decisions about cuts in programs and services and increases in taxes and fees.

The committee appointees are Sue Calder, Steve Engelman, Lou English, Joseph Flannagan, Aleks Granchalek, Candace Hill, Jeanne Lindwall, Nicki Pearson, Hecky Powell, Mark Sloane and Raymond Summers.

The committee will not likely weigh in on this year’s budget, one of the members told the RoundTable. Instead, he said, the members will look for long-term solutions in the area of policy rather than concentrating first on specific programs, personnel or services. It is anticipated that the committee will meet regularly after the first of the year.