James Meredith, vice president of marketing, advertising and sales for Cinemark models the latest 3-D glasses.

New Extreme Digital Screen Opens in Downtown Movie Theater Complex.

Cinemark Theatres in downtown Evanston has taken another step toward what its marketing department terms “creating the complete entertainment environment.”

James Meredith, vice president of marketing, advertising and sales for Cinemark, took a reporter to the newest of the 18 theaters in the complex on Maple Avenue, where patrons can view the latest blockbuster movies, 3-D or not, in greater luxury and enhanced sensory perception.

The new extreme digital (X-D) screen is a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, state-of-the-art silver screen that accepts movies shot in 3-D.

It opened earlier this month with a showing of Disney’s “A Christmas Carol,” and “2012” screened later than night.

Patrons of this 350-seat movie theater will be unlikely to miss a word of dialogue or a note of music, since the 30 new JBL speakers were designed exclusively for this theater, said Mr. Meredith.

Filmgoers can relax in rocker stadium seats wider and with more leg room than those in the other 17 theaters; they will watch movies produced from a digital file rather than a reel – making them clearer and less likely to show signs of wear, he said.

The theater will provide cool polarized glasses for 3-D movies. But since the three-dimensional effect, Mr. Meredith said, “now comes from the technology,” any polarized glasses will work as well.

The screen is designed to accept and reflect images shot in 3-D.

Seating for those with disabilities is available in the back row – space for wheelchairs is set between one or two stadium seats.

“The idea is that a family can sit together,” Mr. Meredith said.

Closer to the screen, behind the front rows, there is also limited space for wheelchairs.

The only other Cinemark X-D movie theater like Evanston’s opened at the same time in Anchorage, Alaska, Mr. Meredith said, adding, “Evanston is one of our flagship theaters.” In addition to the state-of-the-art theaters, Mr. Meredith said, the company hopes its pricing will continue to attract customers.

“The first show of the day, every day of the week, is at a lower price, and we also have ‘Seniors Monday,’ with special pricing,” he said, “… so price does not get in the way of entertainment.”