Three-term Township Assessor Sharon Stobeck-Eckersall recently kicked off her campaign for Cook County Assessor in Springfield. In the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, Assessor Eckersall stood on the steps of the Old State Capital to start her campaign to clean up Cook County and face the difficult issues that lay ahead.

Endorsed by the Cook County G.O.P, Assessor Eckersall joined a slate of well qualified candidates running for county office. Former Senator Roger Keats leads the slate of candidates, joined by Angel Garcia running for Cook County Clerk, Carol Morse  for Cook County Treasurer, and Fredrick Collins for Sheriff.  Linda Thompson, running for County Commissioner, completes what Ms. Eckersall and others are calling the “Cook County Dream Team.”  

Ms. Eckersall says she is the only qualified candidate running for the Assessor position who has bee certified as an Illinois Assessing officer for the past 12 years. She says, “No other candidate running for Cook County Assessor has the experience or designation in operating an Assessors office.” Her other qualifications include: Illinois licensed real estate appraiser for over 15 years and an Illinois Real Estate Broker for 25 years.

Ms. Eckersall’s website is