At the November 22 Candidate Forum at the Kingsley Elementary School, one might have gotten the impression that we are in the midst of boom times — not a recession — because various candidates for the 18th Illinois House District seat called for an increase in the state income tax, increased educational funding, the public financing of elections, a higher gas tax, and increasing the library grants. Of the five candidates, only Eb Moran seems to believe we must take a hard look at the state budget FIRST. He believes we must exhaust every avenue to eliminate the waste before we talk about raising any more taxes. Like we must do in our own homes, he believes the state has to live within its means and develop a specific plan to pay off the current deficit over the next ten years. In Eb’s mind, we cannot continue to postpone the tough decisions and bequeath the fast-growing fiscal pain to our children and grandchildren.  

I trust Eb Moran to make the difficult decisions, and I hope the voters of the 18th District will, too.

Thank you, Mike Busby