On occasion the Evanston Police Department receives inquires from citizens who have been contacted by a fundraiser who claims to be raising funds on behalf of the Evanston Police Department. They speak in veiled generalities, using emotional ploys insinuating the money goes to purchase bulletproof vests or goes to support the survivors of fallen officers. 

While these causes are very worthwhile when they are legitimate, and some fund raising efforts are, often very little of the funds collected go to support the actual articulated cause. The bulk of the funds go into a “general fund,” which is used with board discretion by the requesting fundraiser. 

The Evanston Police Department would like to establish that at no time do we as an agency directly solicit funds from the public. Additionally, before contributing to any cause, we encourage the public to get as much information as possible about the charity, verify how the money will be spent and allocated and request references.

The below listed websites will also assist citizens in their ability to ascertain the legitimacy of charitable organizations:

Charity Navigator                                 www.charitynavigator.org

American Institute of Philanthropy         www.charitywatch.orgtoprated.html

Better Business Bureau             www.bbb.org/us/charity