Jan Schakowsky has endorsed Robyn Gabel for State Representative to replace Julie Hamos and I am enthusiastically supporting her candidacy after almost 20 years of working with Robyn on health care issues facing low income women and children in Illinois.

Robyn’s opponents are worthy of consideration but I made my decision based on what each has concretely accomplished for the 18th district.  As the leader of a statewide organization devoted to increasing access to healthcare, did you know that:   

  • The opening of the ETHS health center was possible based on Robyn’s work to increase state support for school health centers? 
  • That Robyn’s efforts to expand and simplify the enrollment process for All Kids (health insurance for low income children and families) resulted in 7,000 more children having insurance in the 18th district? 
  • As a member of Cook County Commissioner Suffredin’s health committee, Robyn has advocated for increasing efficiencies in the Cook County Health & Hospital System without gutting community based clinics and school based health centers.

Robyn has successfully worked with Democrats and Republicans in Springfield and understands the art of compromise to achieve progressive goals. Although Robyn’s legislative priority is to resolve the state’s budget deficit, as a healthcare professional myself, I am particularly qualified to evaluate the magnitude of Robyn’s accomplishments as a leader in increasing access to healthcare utilizing her legislative savvy.

When considering who to vote for, please ask each candidate what they have CONCRETELY done for our community besides sitting on a myriad of committees?   

Susan Greene