In photo above, NSJS students are pictured celebrating Hanukkah last year. photo courtesy of New School for Jewish Studies

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The New School for Jewish Studies (NSJS), a secular Jewish gathering of families from Evanston and surrounding communities, provides Sunday classes for children in grades K-7, along with a vibrant parent group and communal celebrations of Jewish holidays and events.

NSJS’s Hanukkah celebration this year will take place at 10 .m. on Dec. 13 at Roycemore School, l 640 Lincoln St. (at Orrington Avenue). Prospective families are welcome.

NSJS offers a place to connect with like-minded Jews devoted to community, social action, and family togetherness, either to supplement traditional temple membership or to substitute for it. At relatively low cost, NSJS offers a way to introduce children to Jewish history, traditions, culture, and world view, fostering Jewish identity in a secular context.

NSJS’s second semester begins on Jan. 10, 2010. More information is available at the NSJS website (, or from NSJS parents Joan Koriath (847-721-2638) and Jeff Balch (847-864-9468). Those are also the numbers to use to reserve a space at the Dec. 13 Hanukkah celebration