The snow can’t be far behind. We winterized the boat last weekend, and that usually signals the first snow of the season. Sorry. The last article was about less expensive fishing gifts for everyone, but especially for the newer members of the fishing fraternity/sorority. This article will explore gifts for the more experienced fisherman.

The winter is long, and time moves slower this time of year – at least it seems to. There are a few ways for fishermen to deal with the indoor time.  They might try one of the many lure-building kits available ($30-$60) at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. Lures are a lot easier to make than people think, and losing one in pursuit of that trophy this spring won’t hurt so much.  

Fishermen might also consider building their own fishing rods. There are kits that include everything necessary: rod, handle, guides, wrapping thread and, most importantly, instructions. The kits cost between $65 and $150, depending on whether they are for spinning rods or fly rods. But considering that a custom-built rod sells for $450-$600, the kit is quite a bargain. Besides, nothing can compare to catching a great fish with a lure and fishing rod made by the fisherman’s own hand.

But if spending the winter building fishing tackle is not on your fisherman’s agenda, let me recommend a few other gifts. All fishermen, whether they fish from a boat or from shore, need a good landing net. I recommend an aluminum-framed net with a telescoping handle that extends from 48” to 96” and costs about $60.  

Berkley makes a product called Lip Grip that will grab the fish by the jaw and lock it down for easier landing. The product has a built-in digital scale that allows for lifting, weighing and releasing that monster with a lot less stress and still registers an accurate weight. That way, fishermen don’t have to fudge the weight when they tell everyone about the catch.

I hope you all have a great holiday season. I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off but will be back in touch after the first of the year. Until then keep a tight line.

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