The City of Evanston will be sponsoring a LED Holiday Light Exchange at the Morton Civic Center for Evanston residents while supplies last.  For a limited time, residents who sign the ENERGY STAR pledge to reduce their energy use will be given one free LED holiday light strand in exchange for a strand of old incandescent holiday lights, which will be recycled.

After taking the Energy Star Pledge, forward the confirmation e-mail to with your name and stop by the Morton Civic Center, Fourth Floor, Room 4600, 2100 Ridge Ave., Mon.-Fri 9-5 p.m. to exchange your old lights – ask for Eric Palmer, Community Information Coordinator. Please be able to show ID showing who you are and that you are an Evanston resident.

The lifespan of LED holiday lights can average 25,000 to 50,000 hours, outlasting the lifetime of standard incandescent lights, which is about 2,000 hours. During the standard 30-day holiday season, which averages about 300 hours of electricity use, replacing traditional holiday lights with LEDs reduces energy usage and saves money over time Eco-friendly lights use only 10 percent of the electricity required to power regular lights, saving a household money on their power bills and helping to protect the environment at the same time.

For further information, please contact Eric Palmer, Community Information Coordinator, at or 847/448-8085.