The Illinois Federation of Teachers has endorsed Eamon Kelly for 18th District State Representative in the Feb. 2, 2010 primary election. The group represents more than 70,000 Illinois teachers.   

“I know Eamon and am confident that of all those running in this race, he is the most ready to jump in and do great work in Springfield on the important education challenges that we face in Illinois,” said Dan Montgomery, President of the North Suburban Teachers Union Local 1274.  “Eamon Kelly’s intelligent and responsible ideas for getting Illinois back on sound financial footing will benefit all students as well as all citizens of our state. We need Eamon Kelly in the House.”   

Mr. Kelly, a lifetime Evanston resident and attorney who practices at Jenner & Block in Chicago, served as Chief of Staff of the State Board of Education for several years after graduating from college in 2002.  “I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the Illinois Federation of Teachers,” Mr. Kelly said. “The 18th District is home to thousands of educators. As State Representative, I look forward to working with them to meet the challenges of our schools and fix the state’s pension crisis.”   

“Eamon Kelly’s experience at the State Board of Education makes him the most qualified candidate to address the important challenges facing Illinois schools,” Montgomery said. “He truly understands what needs to happen in Springfield to help all children in Illinois succeed.  But beyond education, he will immediately be a highly effective legislator. We need more people like him in Springfield.”