(Evanston, Ill.) The Youth Job Center of Evanston hosted its first ever recruitment event at Evanston Township High School last week. Recruiters from Marshalls and GameStop conducted fifteen interviews with students for open seasonal positions.

Though the YJC frequently organizes recruitment events at its main office in downtown Evanston, the event at ETHS was a significant step for its satellite Outpost location. Since the younger demographic often faces more challenges finding work, recruitment events provide a gateway for students to gain face-time with a hiring employer. Rather than turning in their application to a big pile and hoping for the best, students gain practical interview experience and are a step closer to finding a job.

The Outpost became uncommonly quiet last Wednesday as students signed up to interview with employers and waited for their turn. All were dressed in professional attire with recently updated resumes in hand. Pam Kaul, the YJC Outpost job coach, said she was proud of the students’ hard work and preparation.

“We worked closely with many of them the past couple of weeks to help them write resumes and learn what’s expected in an interview,” she said. “So it was exciting to see them in action.”

The recruitment event took place alongside the Outpost’s Mini Learn-to-Earn Workshop, a 3-week series providing information on topics such as job applications, resumes and employer expectations. The full 8-week Learn-to-Earn Workshop will take place beginning in February, and Kaul says more recruitment events can be expected.

“We’re thrilled the event went so well and are looking forward to partnering with more employers in the future,” Kaul said. “Particularly in this economy, it’s important that we keep taking steps to provide new opportunities for our Evanston students.”

The Youth Job Center of Evanston prepares youth ages 14-25 for success in the workplace through job-readiness, placement and employment support in partnership with employers.

For more information, contact Melanie Wanzek, Communications Assistant, at 847-864-5627 ext. 19 or media@youthjobcenter.org.