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At its final meeting on Dec. 16, the District 65 Magnet School Committee continued discussions on the recommendations it would make to the District 65 School Board regarding the purpose and instructional programs of the District’s magnet schools.

 The Committee plans to recommend that the District continue to have two magnet schools, each serving grades kindergarten through eighth-grade. The Committee also plans to recommend that King Lab have a theme of literacy and fine arts and that Bessie Rhodes have a theme of global studies. 

 Cathy Berlinger-Gustafson, the facilitator, said she will prepare a draft of the recommendations, which will include recommendations concerning the curriculum, before- and after-school activities, professional development, selection criteria, benefits of the magnet schools to the District, as well as other issues. The draft will be circulated and revised by members of the committee through an email process, Ms. Berliner-Gustafson told the RoundTable.

 The Committee’s report and recommendations are scheduled to be presented to the School Board on Feb. 16, Assistant Superintendent Susan Schultz told the RoundTable. The recommendations are subject to Board approval.

 The Magnet School Committee met eight times over the last three months, reviewed literature on the structure and function of magnet schools, considered numerous potential themes for the schools, and conducted on-site visits to magnet schools.