Central Elementary School, 828 Main St. Evanston, Ill., (now named Park School) is having a reunion on April 30th, 2010, from 6-9 pm, at the school. We, the reunion committee, are trying to locate former students, staff and families that attended Central School. It was an Evanston/Skokie School District 65 regular attendance center from 1891-1979. The reunion committee would like people to contact us at centralschoolreunion@comcast.net or at our mailing address, Central Reunion Committee, P.O. Box # 571, Skokie, Ill 60076, with any historical data, memorabilia, keepsakes, pictures and other items of interest that can be displayed at the reunion gathering. Please forward this information to any other students, parents, and families you know who would be interested in attending this event. The place where Central School was located (now named Park School) has been an educational site since the first Central School was opened in 1891. After a fire destroyed that building the current building was erected. In the school year 1960-61, Central School became a non-grade level, developmental curriculum, team teaching site, under Principal Frank Vogel and remained so until it closed under Principal Warren Cherry. There is a preschool named in memory of Warren Cherry in the Evanston Community. The reunion committee is actively raising funds for a plaque of some sort to commemorate Central School and the long history of education under that name and on that site. We were a small, naturally integrated, neighborhood based, family style school. We want to get the family together again.