I enthusiastically support Patrick Keenan-Devlin for 18th District State Representative because of his experience in Springfield as Legislative Director of Citizen Action/Illinois, his commitment to make change happen and his stance on major issues.  Check out Patrick’s website (http://www.patrickforillinois.com/) for details on all the issues including education. Per Patrick: “In terms of state funding for education, Illinois ranks 49th – you can’t do much worse than that.  All our kids deserve better, and if our legislators don’t realize that, or claim it’s just too complicated to change this system, then they need to go back to school. We must demand a new way to fund education, a new way which ensures that every child in Illinois can attend schools that are properly equipped, well staffed, and safe.”  A vote for Patrick Keenan-Devlin on February 2nd is a vote for “charting a different course for Illinois: a new way that is effective, ethical and equitable for the 18th District and for all our citizens.”

Kathleen Long