As a young adult living in Evanston I take great interest in most local elections. In the upcoming election for the 18th District State Representative seat there are numerous candidates, most of which are qualified for the position. Many of these candidates share similar issues that they wish to improve upon within the district. However, what drew my support to Patrick Keenan-Devlin was one of the issues that his competitors are not willing to tackle. Along with campaign finance reform, supporting President Barack Obama’s health reform plan, and limiting predatory lending in the state of Illinois; Patrick Keenan-Devlin is a firm supporter of aiding programs that help special needs people in this state. As someone who works with special needs people I have seen the problems in the system. While it would be easy to neglect this issue Patrick feels strongly that we need to help the people of our community who are most in need, and what more can we ask from a public official?

Max Plumpton