To the Editor:

I support Patrick Keenan-Devlin for State Representative for the 18th District.  Patrick cares about the issues that matter most to me — in particular, the needs and rights of individuals with disabilities.

I have spent more than 20 years of my career working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker helping children with disabilities and their families.  As the Founding Director of the community advocacy group Evanston Citizens for Appropriate Special Education (CASE), I have spent the past two years advocating on behalf of Evanston children with disabilities.  I am also a parent of a child with special needs.  Patrick will represent my concerns in Springfield.

Patrick understands from personal experience how difficult it is to find appropriate educational, employment and housing opportunities for our loved ones with disabilities.  He will make this issue a priority if he is elected.

I believe Patrick Keenan-Devlin will go to the state legislature and help our sons and daughters, extended families and friends who have  disabilities. Patrick truly cares.  The disabled children and adults in our state need help.  They need more services, more programs and, in short, more opportunities. 

I urge all of you to support Patrick in this election. 


Cari Levin, LCSW