Dear Editor:

As a family physician, adolescent medicine expert, and parent of 2 ETHS students, I urge my neighbors in the 18th legislative district to support Robyn Gabel for state representative.

Endorsed by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (who held the seat before Julie Hamos) Robyn is clearly the best choice for the job. As executive director (for 20 years) of Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, Robyn brings a wealth of experience working in Springfield on behalf of woman, children and families. I’ve seen her in action during Advocacy Day for School Health Centers, and I always learn from watching her interact with legislators, staffers and others. Robyn is a powerful woman and a seasoned advocate who knows how to get things done in Illinois politics.

We’ve known each other since Chicago Women’s Health Center days in the mid-eighties, and I can vouch for Robyn’s intelligence, dedication, and commitment to progressive politics.  With her background and experience, Robyn will be able to hit the ground running in the state legislature, with special skill in bringing together diverse partners and interests. Health care has always been one of Robyn’s key areas; she was instrumental in bringing All Kids insurance to the many needy children in Illinois. She cares passionately as well about education, jobs, environmental issues, and the rights of underserved groups. 

I want a representative who follows in the tradition of Schakowsky and Hamos as an effective, experienced leader. Please join me and vote for Robyn Gabel on February 2nd!!

Elizabeth Feldman, MD, FAAFP