Dear Editor: 

Patrick Keenan-Devlin is the clear choice for State Representative in the 18th District.  I’ve known Patrick for some time and when he asked me to chair his campaign, I was honored to accept the job.  As I’ve gotten to know Patrick even better through the past few months and watched him interact with people throughout this community, my respect for him has deepened and I’ve become even more convinced that he will be an extraordinary Representative.  Let me tell you why.  

As the former Legislative Director of Citizen Action/Illinois, the State’s largest public interest organization, Patrick has the broadest knowledge of the many issues facing our community, and he has a proven track record of working for progressive change in Springfield and actually getting things done. Patrick also has a remarkable record of service to our community: he has rolled up his sleeves to work with community organizations like the Youth Job Center, and he serves on the Boards of the local United Way, the Evanston League of Women Voters, the Sheil Catholic Center, and the Democratic Party of Evanston.

Simply put, Patrick “walks the walk.” That’s why his supporters include so many longstanding activists in the community. That’s why Patrick received more than twice as many votes as any other candidate from DPOE members at the recent Democratic Party of Evanston endorsement session. That’s why Patrick has recently won the endorsement of, among others, the New Trier Democratic Organization, the Stonewall Democrats, Citizen Action, the State AFL-CIO, and AFSCME. And, finally, that’s why over 120 women supporters came together recently on the coldest night of the year at the campaign’s “Women’s Issues Are Patrick’s Issues” event to show their support for Patrick.  

Over the past six months, I’ve seen it happen, in countless living rooms and public venues around this District.  People who hear Patrick speak, or who talk to him one-on-one, are impressed immediately by his extraordinary expertise. They are engaged by his firm conviction that integrity can and must be restored to Illinois government.  They are won over by Patrick’s promise, his passion, his energy, and his commitment to fight with us and for us on issues that matter.  I’d like you to get to know Patrick, too, because I believe that once you do, you’ll see what so many others have.  Take a look at our website — — and join us for an event, or call our office (847-475-1818) for more information.  

Some of you know me from the work I’ve done for many years on behalf of detainees at Guantanamo.  While compromise in politics is often necessary, the Guantanamo work I’ve done has underscored the rare value of elected officials who have real backbone, who stand up for fundamental principles and refuse to negotiate them away.  We’ve made a habit here in Evanston of sending representatives who embody those values to Springfield and to Washington.  I know Patrick, and I know he has that kind of mettle and the courage and conviction we desperately need more of in government.   

Please join me in supporting Patrick Keenan-Devlin and in voting on February 2 to make Patrick the next State Representative for the 18th District.

 Gary A. Isaac