I’m writing to express my strong support for Jeff Smith’s candidacy to be our Representative from the 18th District in the State Legislature. 

I first met Jeff when he was a volunteer marshal for the Evanston 4th of July Parade.  A year or two later, he had to stop marshaling because he would be walking in the parade with the community group he founded, Central Street Neighbors Association, which works to keep the smaller businesses on Central Street viable with good tax policies and of which he continues to be president. 

I have come to respect his work on the many areas and issues that that effect all of us, from his consistent long-term record of working for reform and better government, his work for fairer tax policies, to his commitment to environmental issues, and his long history of being socially progressive.  

In short, Jeff is and has been a community leader, activist and reformer and he has the experience we need in Springfield. With endorsements from the Independent Voters of Illinois, the Sierra Club, the Progressive Democrats of America, Northside Democracy for America, and now Congressman Mike Quigley, there is no clearer choice for reform than Jeff Smith. 

I hope you will join me in voting for Jeff Smith on February 2.

 Hillary A Bean