I am proud to be supporting Patrick Keenan-Devlin for several reasons.  As a health care professional who has spent many years in nursing education, adolescent health, and currently in graduate medical education, I understand the critical importance of health care reform at the national and state level.  Patrick knows how to improve health care access and services for people in the 18th District; I have discussed this issue extensively with him.  Some of you may know that our business district includes payday loan store fronts that provide loans at extraordinarily high interest rates. I am familiar with the negative tactics that these businesses use and the devastating consequences that can result for their customers.  Based on his commitment to and knowledge of this issue, I am confident that Patrick will make restricting the impact of payday loan companies a priority when he arrives in Springfield as our legislator.  Patrick has the experience, knowledge, dedication, energy, and personality to represent the citizens of the 18th District.  I will be voting for him on February 2nd and I hope that a majority of residents in the District will be doing the same. 

 Missy Fleming