Dear Editor:

    I am supporting Patrick Keenan-Devlin for the 18th District State Legislative seat being vacated by Julie Hamos for a number of reasons.  While other candidates have also had various interesting and worthwhile life experiences they would bring to this important role, Patrick has not only the most relevant experience but also the people skills to build the coalitions needed to begin to turn around the mess that is our state government today.

     First, as legislative director for Citizens Action Illinois, Patrick has had practical experience helping to write legislation and to advocate for its passage in the legislature.  This organization has concerned itself with issues vital to all Illinoisans…healthcare, predatory lending, campaign finance reform.  Patrick also has a passion for educational issues, and his experience growing up as a sibling of an autistic child has helped him understand in a unique way the needs of special education students and their families throughout the state. 

      Yet it is not enough to simply have a good resume or experience as an advocate.  What is needed in order to be an outstanding legislator is people skills.  This is something that truly sets Patrick apart.  He has an incredible ability to connect with people, to find common ground, to build relationships across class/race/even party lines.  This skill, this emotional intelligence, is something that will make Patrick an outstanding legislator.  He already has strong relationships in the legislature with thoughtful representatives from both parties.

     I have been a political activist for 40 years and have worked on a myriad of campaigns.  I have never been prouder to support a candidate than I am in supporting Patrick Keenan-Devlin for our representative in the 18th District!

                                                                      Nancy Bruski