Dear Editor:

At this critical moment in Illinois history, we need courageous, independent, and effective representation in Springfield.  Patrick Keenan-Devlin is the right choice in the race for 18th District State Representative, and he has my enthusiastic support.   

Patrick has the knowledge and experience required to hit the ground running in Springfield.  As Legislative Director of Citizen Action/Illinois, the state’s largest public interest organization, Patrick developed a thorough understanding of how Illinois government works — and how it doesn’t work.   

Patrick knows how to get things done, and he knows what needs to be done as well.  He’s been a fierce advocate for health care reform, an issue of so much concern to us today.  As cash and corruption have undermined Illinois government, Patrick has championed public financing for state campaigns.  He’s fought to protect vital social services and address our chronic structural deficit — an issue of pressing concern in Evanston, as our financially-strapped city faces cuts to programs and personnel.  He’s stood up to exploitative payday lenders, who prey on working and poor people in trouble — drive down Dodge or Howard and you’ll see plenty of these payday loan stores.  Patrick speaks passionately about his commitment to reproductive justice instilled in him by his mother, an obstetric nurse, and he’s been an unwavering proponent of choice.   

And Patrick possesses one other qualification we value: he’s an active and devoted member of this community.  I’ve gotten to know Patrick in the years I’ve worked with him on the Boards of the Evanston League of Women Voters and the Democratic Party of Evanston.  Patrick serves also on the Boards of the United Way and the Sheil Catholic Center here.  People throughout Evanston know and respect Patrick because they’ve gone door-to-door with him, they’ve met him at forums, they’ve sat in meetings and volunteered with him.  They recognize how much he loves this town and how hard he’s worked to make things better here.  That matters, and the widespread support Patrick has garnered here reflects that.  

We have a great record in Evanston of recognizing promising political leaders with courage, vision, and the passion to fight for change.  Patrick Keenan-Devlin will be our next great choice to carry this tradition forward.  For more information about Patrick and his campaign, visit  Join me in voting February 2nd to make Patrick our next State Representative.   


Toni Gilpin