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Twas the last meeting ‘fore Christmas and all through the room,

The whole Council was calling for the ‘Cats to assure Tigers’ doom.

It seems that Mayor Tisdahl, in her infinite wisdom,

Wagered Council’s dignity before discussing it with them.

As she phoned up the mayor of Alabama’s Auburn,

And bet Northwestern would win or she and Council would adjourn

To their seats during their January 11 meeting,

In Auburn Tigers jerseys if NU took a beating.

So this New Year’s Day, root for the ‘Cats to pull through

Unless wanting to see Holmes, Rainey, Wilson and others in Auburn orange and blue.

The Mayor hopes a sugar kick will provide extra pizzampa

She’s sending cookies to the team as they board the plane to Tampa.

Of course, the flip side applies to the austere Auburn parliamentary huddle,

Whom we expect to see wearing Northwestern’s purple.

Ice skaters will soon twirl across vacant Kendall school ground,

When the City builds snow barriers and floods the makeshift rink semi-round.

Making and watching the new rink costs the City not a cent,

And most neighbors – and Alderman Fiske – seem elated, not just content.

When the weather warms up, the rink will just melt away,

And there’ll be nothing to do but grab any litter that strayed.

All are invited to show off their triple axel.

Come one, come all, to the rink near Sherman and Colfax(el).

The City gave a Special Distinguished Service Award

To Jeff Schoenberg, our state senator,

Who, the Mayor implied, is stubborn as an alligator.

“You never give up,” she said, when talking of dealing in Springfield muck,

And pointedly referencing our decrepit CTA viaduct.

There were cheers and elation and grins all around,

But everyone hopes money for CTA repairs soon will be Evanston bound.

Less joyous was discussion of Evanston firefighter, police pension

Problems that for years loomed with barely a mention.

The Mayor said that everyone, the whole state wide,

Dealing with the same problem, might be tossing aside

Conventional ways of providing emergency services.

But such radical changes fill every soul with great nervousness.

Alderman Rainey wants pension representatives at table:

No one wins if there’s no payment when the City’s not able.

There’s no simple solution to this massive conundrum,

But at least the City’s talking, not seeing this as just humbug.

The rest of the agenda, if not written about in other places,

Concerned day-to-day stuff – like turbidimeters, concrete inspections, installing sirens, And certain minutes erases

To come, though, as some items were introduced for next session,

Are items that might stir up at least a little passion,

A Green Building Ordinance Amendment already

And a zoning change sure to knock Salvation Army Relocation plans unsteady.

And so with that little bit of foreshadowing before you,

This column closes the book on 2009. Adieu!