After the basketball game between Evanston Township High School and New Trier at Welsh-Ryan arena on Friday night, Dec. 11, a group of ETHS students surrounded the vehicle of a New Trier student and began beating and kicking on the vehicle, Commander Tom Guenther, Public Information Officer of the Evanston Police Department, told the RoundTable. When the New Trier student rolled down the window or his car, one or more of the ETHS students struck him in the face with a large blunt object, pulled him from the car and beat him, said the Commander.

Three ETHS students were charged with battery and consumption of alcohol. Another student was charged with disorderly conduct and consumption of alchohol. The court date is set for Feb. 9, said the Commander.

In a Dec. 15 letter to parents, ETHS Superintendent Eric Witherspoon said the school would pursue independent school disciplinary proceedings with respect to the identified students. He asked for a person, who reportedly recorded the incident with a hand-held video camera, to contact him, and for anyone who had taken videos or photos of the incident to contact him.

Dr. Witherspoon asked parents to join with him in apologizing to the students and staff at New Trier and to all their fans. “We do not condone and will not tolerate the kind of behavior some of our students exhibited in the parking lot after the game. The perpetrators were not representing the ETHS Wildkits, and their violent actions do not represent the high standards we have set for ourselves at ETHS.”