Once there was only being. The Big Bang had made its noise and the fires and dusts of creation spilled into emptiness. The shatterings of an energy some call God is yet expanding into even more emptiness. Space is too small a word to define and explain the frozen fires of the universe but when there was only being, there was no word, no name for anything that had become everything. Just as there was no time – no befores or afters, not even a “Once…”

If there was silence after the explosion, there were no ears to know it or even of the Bang itself. Nor any way of measuring by what we would call time. Only being. And, we now know, becoming.

God’s energy – some call it love – dropped into nothing and has been rippling through creation and outward ever since. Darkness and light; galaxies, planets, moons and stars; meteors, comets; black holes and quarks; and discoveries still to be made, traveling millions of light years, at least by our measurings.

When there was only being and the beginnings of becoming, despite the chaos of creation, there had to be peace of a kind. No word – or reason – for war and savagery. Only wonder and awe come to mind when thinking of what it must have been like back then … before words and time.

 Now, here on our earth, a piece of space dust, we live with language and in time. Alone in the expandings of space? We do not know. But like the universe itself, we are still becoming. Peace at this time is merely momentary among and within us. But the energy of God’s creating continues to move us through the adolescence of our evolution toward a maturity still beyond reach.

Christmas is a word and time to remind us that peace has to be grown to, that God’s creating love still intervenes in our becomings. That is why for a moment, at least, Christmas and its meaning shines like a solitary star in the peaceful timeless chaos just after God’s energy exploded nothing into everything.

 I wish you peace within and all about during and well beyond the holidays.