We are excited to announce the establishment of the Flying Fish Booster Club! The Club formalizes the supportive relationship that has existed for many years between the team and Flying Fish families. The newly incorporated FF Booster Club, guided by a constitution written by current Flying Fish parents, will help plan and organize, provide financial support to, and communicate about the swim team’s special events and relevant business activities. These include swim meets, social events, fundraising, philanthropy, and the recruiting and coordinating of volunteers, including the training of officials from within the club. Our goal is to ensure awareness of useful information and encourage member participation and volunteer involvement to foster and strengthen our dedicated Flying Fish community.

Who are we?

All parents of YWFF swim team members in good standing and any team members 18 and over who are in good standing are automatically members of the Flying Fish Booster Club (good standing is defined by being current on YWFF swim team financial obligations).

The Flying Fish Booster Club Board of Directors, formed over the summer to direct the formation of the club and development of the constitution, consists of:

• Aquatics Director: Pete Caragher

• President: Keith Knohl

• Vice-President: ME Girgenti

• Treasurer: John Frendreis

• Assistant Treasurer: Jim Woods

• Secretary: Jean Fies

• Communications/PR: Julie McBratney & Patricia Stankovic

• Fundraising: Jenny Hackley

• Volunteer & Events Coordinators: Francie Larkin, Monica Martinson & Christa Sorenson

• Officials Coordinator: John Frendreis

• 2 Flying Fish swimmer representatives: Julianne Locher and Will Sparks

FF Boosters Board meetings are open to all members and take place on the first Tuesday of each month at the YWCA.

Visit the FF Boosters Club page on the Flying Fish website

We’re about promoting swimming, philanthropy, friendships & fun:


With over 600 swimmers aged 6-18 from Evanston, Chicago, Skokie, Wilmette, Winnetka and surrounding communities, the Flying Fish swim team has become the largest swim team in Illinois and one of the largest teams in the country. Each year for the past five years, Flying Fish swimmers have been elected as captains of their high school teams. A half dozen Flying Fish have been state champions and five swimmers have been ranked in the top 25 in the country in different events. In addition to competing in high level national competitions, many of our swimmers travel to Indiana and to the YWCA Swimming Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina each year. With both competitive and non-competitive tracks, the team also accommodates swimmers who are primarily interested in recreation and fitness, providing a healthy outlet for children who are not ready to commit to the intensity of competitive swimming.

Our children swim for the Flying Fish because we value inclusivity and growth as much as we value competition. The Boosters Club supports the swimming part of the team through our Flying Fish fees, which have always been overseen by a volunteer parent treasurer for the club. These fees (and fundraisers like concessions at intersquad meets) help pay for things like entry fees for swim meets and special equipment for the team.

Fish Philanthropy

We’re not just about strong strokes; we’re also about strong character. As a team, we are committed to regularly supporting our community. All of our team members are encouraged to participate in community service projects and fundraising activities, many of which are readily available at the YWCA. These include:

· swim marathon sponsorship

· participation in the Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate

· support of the YWomen Leadership Awards

· contributions to clothing and holiday drives for Mary Lou’s Place

· adoption of rooms at the shelter and planting/caretaking of gardens on the property

· planning parties and activities for the children in the shelter

· volunteering to serve on a committee

The Boosters Club will help support, recognize, and encourage these and other community service activities.

Friendships & Fun

We like to have fun! Building strong relationships is fundamental to the core strength of our team. We realize that being a “swimming family” is a huge commitment. Everyone’s hard work is rewarded with regular, fun social events so that swimmers, families, and adult members can to get to know each other and have fun together. Boosters Club events will include assistance with and coordination of:

Halloween parties


Booster gatherings

Team Socials

Travel meets