I appreciate that, as Eb Moran’s daughter, my opinion of him as the best candidate for state representative is highly skewed by my love for him as a person. Accordingly, I won’t tell voters what they should think of my dad. Instead, I’ll describe to them a few of his infrastructural and humanitarian accomplishments I have witnessed while living under his roof and forging my own Evanston residency:

When I was fifteen, my dad assumed the role of alderman for Evanston’s sixth ward and began to eradicate our collective nightmare of flooded basements by restructuring the city’s century-old sewer system. Over the past eighteen years, I have watched this problem all but disappear. 

Seven years ago, my dad struck an agreement with ComEd to upgrade their electrical distribution facilities in Evanston. This upgrade dramatically reduced the frequency and severity of our power outages, which once blacked out entire neighborhoods at a time.

Ten years ago, several representatives of our immigrant Mexican community underscored the linguistic and cultural barriers that were preventing them from accessing city services. My dad convinced our human resources department to create a permanent outreach position that has succeeded in bridging these divides.

What I have witnessed as Eb Moran’s daughter is his long-standing passion for public service and his firm belief that governing well is an end in itself, not merely a prerequisite for some future political success.

Meaghan Heaton