My name is Samantha Reed.  I am a junior in Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, I am an active Evanston/Rogers Park community member, and I am a supporter of Patrick Keenan-Devlin for 18th District State Representative. 

 I have a very simple reason for my support for Patrick – I trust him.  Over the past year, the funding for MAP grants that help me pay for my college tuition as well as funding for mental health physicians that serve low-income people like my mother has been threatened in Springfield because state legislators have been unable to balance the budget.  I have attended rallies along with thousands of people affected by these cuts as we pleaded for our representatives to do one simple thing – represent us.  Sadly, I have watched as state legislators gave up the battle to fund social services and decided to cut them instead. 

 I want Patrick in Springfield because he was at those rallies, too.  He understands what people are going through and has the courage to stand up for me and families like mine.  I trust him to truly represent this district and its values, despite the challenging times that lay ahead.
Samantha Reed