In the sea of progressive candidates, Jeff Smith stands out as the most able to effect change on a wide variety of issues as State Representative for the 18th District. No catchy buzz words – just sound thinking, hard work, and effectiveness. 

Consider Central Street planning.  Jeff Smith worked his tail off for Evanston.  He knew the plan backwards and forwards.  He not only offered constructive criticism, but rolled up his sleeves for months, guiding the zoning provisions to ensure responsible development. Jeff’s passionate work will help maintain the neighborhood character we love. 

I watched Jeff challenge colleagues on the Transportation and Land Use Group of Evanston’s Climate Action Plan with his insight.  He supported a transit pass not just to stimulate transit use, but also to assist lower-income families and to make transit-oriented-development meaningful. He challenged conventional wisdom about urban density, researching energy considerations in demolition, construction, commuting, and residents’ purchases of non-local foods and products. Jeff Smith made the Plan much better.   

I have also witnessed Jeff’s civic involvement and thoughtful input on Evanston’s Downtown Plan, the “tower,” and numerous other subjects. Jeff was the only resident to research and provide testimony to the City Council on the state’s ill-considered video gaming scheme!

We are all better off because of Jeff’s community actions.  We will all be better served by Jeff Smith as our representative. 

Carl Bova