When Illinois’ Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Fitzgerald appointed Geary Kull to fill a vacancy on the bench, he confirmed what many of us in Evanston already knew – that Geary is the right choice for judge.  The Chicago Bar Association agrees, giving Geary its highest rating of “Highly Qualified.”  I am joining the 14 retired Cook County judges who have endorsed Judge Kull and am voting for Geary on February 2nd to be judge in Cook County’s 9th Judicial Subcircuit.

 Over the past 35 years, Geary has focused on criminal and civil rights law with wisdom, compassion, and integrity.  He has a long history as a strong community supporter and mentor to the young men and women of Evanston, both as a volunteer baseball coach and as an advocate for at-risk teens within the community.  

In considering who deserves your vote, I hope you will join me in supporting a man who has the unwavering support of Cook County’s legal community and who is committed to working hard to be an independent, compassionate voice on the Bench.

Maria Ballantyne