When Robyn Gabel declared her candidacy for the 18th District Legislative seat being vacated by Julie Hamos, I was delighted that a woman had jumped into the candidate mix.  I believe we need more women in local, state and national politics; but also know they need to be effective in style and substance.  

So before I made an endorsement decision, I went to my colleagues in the not-for-profit sector who spend inordinate amounts of time lobbying in the Illinois Legislature for ever-diminishing funds for their agencies.  I wanted first-hand knowledge from people who have observed Robyn’s work in the legislature, where she has for 20 years been advocating for health care for women and children.

From my contacts I learned that this physically tiny woman is a powerful force to be reckoned with – one who is a strategic thinker, a collaborative problem solver and a tireless advocate for her constituency.  These are the traits we need in the person who represents our interests in Springfield and I trust my eye-witness sources.  I am endorsing Robyn Gabel.

— Dickelle Fonda