As someone who has been around Evanston politics for a long time, it is good to see so much interest in the State Representative race.  It is also terrific that quite young people are interested in running and assuming leadership roles.  One in particular, Patrick Keenan-Devlin is an exciting candidate.  He is very smart, hard working, well informed and personable, and has proved himself, both in Springfield (with Citizen Action) and elsewhere, to be a fighter for the democratic values in which I believe.  Especially appealing to me are his liberal views on women’s issues, and on legislation to help people who are disadvantaged in various ways, including with mental and physical disabilities.  He is extremely sensitive to needs for this latter group as he has a severely autistic brother and has seen how hard his parents have had to fight to get him the help he needs and deserves.

Back when Patrick was in college at NU he volunteered a good deal of his time to help the clients of the Youth Job Center, which is the agency I founded and in whose mission I believe so strongly. 

I find it exciting that so many people in Evanston and New Trier townships, representing a large range of backgrounds and of ideals, have given their support to Patrick.  In fact he got the largest number of votes in the endorsement sessions of both those democratic organizations.

Patrick would be someone who listens hard to the voices of us, his constituents, and then would go to work for us with his full heart and mind.  I urge you to cast your vote for him on February Second.

— Ann Jennett