Voters in Cook County will have the good fortune to find Geary Kull on the ballot, running for Judge in the 9th Judicial Sub-circuit. Geary possesses qualities we should look for in those we put on the bench, including integrity, compassion and sound judgment. Geary is also deeply experienced and he knows the law. That is why he is currently serving as a judge in the circuit court, having been selected by the Illinois Supreme Court following a rigorous screening process. That is why he has received the highest ratings from eleven separate bar associations. That is why no fewer than 14 former Cook county judges have endorsed him.

Geary has had a distinguished career spanning some 35 years during which he has litigated more than 2000 bench trials and over 200 jury trials. Moreover, He has argued cases before the United States 7th Court of Appeals, the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Illinois Appellate Court. 

The Chicago Council of Lawyers has said that, “Mr. Kull is considered to have a very good legal ability, an excellent temperament, and unquestioned integrity. He has extensive litigation experience in complex matters. Mr. Kull is a solid practitioner who has earned the respect of his colleagues, lawyers and judges alike.”

It is notable that Geary is the only candidate who is an Evanston resident. In fact, he has lived in the 9th Sub-circuit for nearly his entire life. As a friend and fellow volunteer, I have known Geary for many years. I have witnessed, first-hand his involvement in and commitment to our community. As a volunteer baseball coach for EBSA, he is highly regarded by peers, parents and players. While he respects the institution, its rules and its systems, he never loses sight of the best interests of individual players. We can count on him to bring a similar style to the bench.

Geary has been a tireless yet unheralded advocate for underprivileged children in our community. Many kids have benefited from his guidance and concern. For Geary, this is not an arms-length endeavor. On the contrary, he has been known to become deeply involved with children in need, often reaching into his own pocket to make sure they had a hot meal, a ride or a safe place to stay. Why? Not for personal recognition or gain; but because it’s the right thing to do.

Geary treats each person who comes before him with respect, allowing them to retain their dignity. He hands down well reasoned judgments that are fair, appropriate and grounded in the law.

Please help put this person of great talent and integrity back on the bench. Vote for Geary Kull for Judge in the 9th Sub-circuit.

Mark Metz