As an 8th grader at King Lab, I can’t vote in the February 2nd election. But if I could, I would vote Geary Kull for judge.  I can tell you that Geary is a very good guy because he’s been my travel baseball coach for the last two years. Coach Geary was a criminal attorney, and then he got appointed judge.

In baseball, the umpire is more of the judge. Coach is a criminal attorney. Coaches are like attorneys trying to help their client (their team). But if the umpire loses control of the game, then one of the coaches has to step in and take control. That is exactly what Geary did two summers ago during our game against Skokie. He acted calmly and got the situation under control, which is what a good judge should do.

Geary has a great commitment to his community. In the summer of 2008, he and his son Jason (our other coach) took 13 rowdy soon to be 7th graders to Cooperstown for a week. None of the kids were Jason’s or Geary’s. He also schedules private lessons with kids to help work on their swing or ground balls once a week. And after some games, he gives us a speech and then he says he has to go home to work on “judge stuff”. He goes the extra mile for us by helping us first and then doing what he needs to do, by doing his “judge stuff” at 10:00 pm.

In the beginning of our 2009 baseball season last year, we didn’t do so well.  But Geary believed in us, and kept on trying to get us better, and eventually we went all the way to the championship and became runner-up of the north shore baseball league.  If Geary runs a courtroom like he ran our team, then he must be a very good judge. 

Alex Klier