I write in strong support of Robyn Gabel for state rep in the 18th district because of her life’s work and experience.  In the 30 years that I have known Robyn she has been an activist and organizer around reproductive rights, a manager and developer of the Chicago Women’s Health Center, an author of All Kids health insurance legislation, and the Executive Director of the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition.  All of this work, much of it voluntary, has been to better the healthcare of women and their families. She has been endorsed by Jan Schakowsky for a reason—years and years of experience in helping people. 

I was with Robyn the other day and a woman came up and said to her.  “The Chicago Women’s Health Center saved my life.  I was young, sick, had no money and the Chicago Women’s Health Center cared for me.”  Robyn Gabel, the person who helped develop this clinic, is the person I want to serve me.

Coral Norris