Among the many good reasons to support Geary Kull for Judge of the 9th Judicial Subcircuit, two stand out:  he is an excellent lawyer and jurist, the best in the field of candidates; he is an even better person who will bring dignity, integrity and compassion to his deliberations. 

There simply is no question that Judge Kull is the most qualified candidate.  Every independent organization that evaluates judicial candidates – 11 in all — has given him its highest rating.  No other candidate can make that claim.  Judge Kull earned this expertise during more than 35 years of trial practice, in which he has conducted more than 2000 trials.  The Illinois Supreme Court recognized his value when it appointed him as a full circuit judge in Cook County.  The Chicago Council of Lawyers praised him as a judge with “very good legal ability, an excellent temperament, and unquestioned integrity …who has earned the respect of his colleagues, lawyers and judges alike.” 

Geary complements these legal skills with a deep commitment to his community.  He has lived almost his entire life in Evanston and has devoted himself to helping those, especially the young, who live here.  He has dedicated countless hours as a youth baseball coach.  But “Coach” does not fully describe the scope of his impact.  He is a role model and mentor who helps kids from all over Evanston develop the habits and values they will need to live honest, productive lives.  Many people preach using youth sports to teach life lessons.  Geary actually practices what he preaches. 

                                             Casey Miller