Evanston voters have long benefitted from top-notch representation in Springfield.  A long line of outstanding progressive legislators, going back at least 30+ years, has featured Woody Bowman, Jan Schakowsky, and Julie Hamos.  We now have the opportunity to elect the next holder of the “Evanston seat” in the state legislature. 

Voters in the Democratic primary election on February 2 will have an unusually well-qualified slate of five candidates from which to choose.  Any one of the five would ably serve Evanston’s interests in Springfield, as well as tackling the serious problems facing the entire state of Illinois at this time.  I have studied the qualifications of each of the candidates and listened to their plans for the future of our city and state.  I have decided that Jeff Smith is the best candidate for continuing the progressive tradition in Evanston.  Jeff will have my vote on February 2. 

Jeff’s many accomplishments over the past 25 years are presented in his campaign literature and on his web site, electjeffsmith.org.  He has been deeply involved in Evanston affairs, as an organizer and successful practicing lawyer, representing the interests of Evanston neighborhoods, schools, and families.  He is truly public-spirited.  

Based on his thoughtful study of the issues, Jeff has developed a series of workable plans for Illinois’s future.  Titled Change Springfield, the plans present Jeff’s platform on public education, rooting out corruption in state government, jobs creation, public transit, and building a greener Illinois.  These papers will serve as the basis for true reform in Illinois government.  I expect that Jeff will be a leader in the reform movement.  

While Jeff Smith is my choice is this election, I am also impressed with the candidacy of Eamon Kelly.  I believe that Eamon has a bright future in Illinois politics and government. 

Davidson Ream