Voters today are more knowledgeable than they were fifty years ago. Charisma became a key attraction. Yet, most people really want to know if a candidate is honest, sincere, experienced enough in their life-work to become a public servant and represent their constituency.

I have found Robyn Gabel to be all of the above, as well as, having the advocacy relationships already established in Springfield, across both aisles.

Robyn will listen and have a problem-solving plan. She will work to bring balance to the state budget fiscally and not eliminate needed infrastructure, social services, and health services to its citizens.

Robyn has over 20 years of practice going to Springfield, negotiating for a worthy cause (women & children’s health) and successfully convinced the majority of legislators and senators to support the Kids Care/Family Care Health Plan which has increased health services to 2.2 million previously uninsured families. 

I encourage 18th District voters to support Robyn’s bid for state representative because she has a solid background working with our elected officials in Springfield , fortified with a history of integrity and commitment to serve the public.

 Judith Treadway