The campaign of Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Democratic candidate for Illinois’ 18th District House seat, on Friday released new video segments showing the candidate discussing issues with constituents. 

Mr. Keenan-Devlin is shown on the videos offering his position on a woman’s right to choose, the state budget, corruption in state government, and education funding.

On the state’s budget, Keenan-Devlin said, “We have a $12.5 billion deficit here in Illinois. And the root of the problem is irresponsible leadership in Springfield. If we’re going to address our structural deficit, we have to make our tax structure more progressive – a fair tax system that does not overburden the middle class. We have to make it fair, and currently it’s not.” 

Keenan-Devlin said, “The problem with Springfield is the corruption, the cronyism and the corporate lobbyists that have a stranglehold over the legislative process. And the root of the problem is campaign cash. That’s why I’m fighting for a publicly financed campaign system where the candidates are only beholden to the constituents that send them there and not the corporate lobbyists.” 

About a woman’s right to choose, Keenan-Devlin said, “I’m 100 percent pro-choice and that really has to do with my upbringing. My mom has been a devout Catholic her entire life, as well as OB/GYN nurse for 35 years. She remembers the time before Roe v. Wade.” He added, “You have to trust women and trust women to make the right choices. Women should be able to make decisions about their own bodies without government getting in the way.” 

In the video on school funding, Keenan-Devlin said, “We are currently 49th in the union in terms of state funding going to our schools. We need to do better by our kids. Our kids need to be better prepared for the work force and for college.” He called for “educational equity,” adding, “We are too dependent on our property tax system to fund our schools. We see so many schools that are impoverished. We need to do better by those schools.” 

The video segments were taped Jan. 8 at the home of Steve and Linda Patton in Evanston. They were sent to thousands of supporters and other registered voters in the 18th District.

They can be viewed at the following URLs: