As a practicing attorney, I often receive requests from friends and
family on who are the best candidates running for judge. I hear too many
complaints from non-lawyers (and lawyers) about the judicial election
process and it often seems to boil down to the same question – “How do I
know who to vote for?” How often have you found yourself uninformed and
generally disinterested in the judicial election process – having no
real reason to vote for any particular candidate?

I am extremely pleased that Geary Kull, a fellow Evanstonian, is running
for 9th Subcircuit judge. Geary is a “lawyer’s lawyer.” Geary is
currently a full circuit judge and is highly recommended by many former
Cook County judges. He has received the highest ratings from eleven
State and local Bar Associations and recently received the endorsement
of the Chicago Tribune.

In voting for judge, I look to, among other things, a candidate’s
experience, integrity, judgment and temperament on the bench. Geary has
over 35 years of trial experience – roughly 200 jury trials and over
2000 bench trials. He has argued cases before the U.S. 7th Circuit Court
of Appeals and Illinois Supreme Court. He is one of a select group of
private practitioners certified to serve as lead trial counsel in
defending death penalty cases. Geary’s reputation in the legal community
is outstanding.

Geary continues in his commitment to our community, including his work
for underprivileged children. I have known Geary for many years through
our mutual association with the Evanston Baseball and Softball
Association. Geary’s perspective on youth sports and his commitment to
the boys and girls in EBSA is second to none. Geary’s judgment and
temperament while serving on the EBSA Board, as well as with the kids he
has coached for years at the house and travel league levels, is
outstanding. He has shown an intense commitment to his players, their
families and to the league – never disrespectful, always maintaining a
clear focus on the mission of EBSA and the best interests of the kids.

Geary has a huge heart. His compassion, sound judgment and experience is
exactly what our legal system needs. For more information, visit Geary’s
website at www.electjudgekull.com . Please vote for Geary Kull for Judge
in the 9th Subcircuit.

Michael Weber