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The City of Evanston recently received a grant totaling about $800,000 from the State of Illinois’ Transportation Enhancement Program for the Chicago Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project.

The target area of this project encompasses the west side of Chicago Avenue between South Boulevard and Main Street, four blocks along the CTA tracks. The streetscape improvements will consist of sidewalks, street lights, benches, planters, parkways with street trees, and traffic calming improvements including narrower travel lanes and curb extensions. 

“This important gateway corridor is rapidly redeveloping and in need of functional and aesthetic upgrades,” said Paul Schneider, Director of Transportation and City Engineer. “The intended results outlined by the public are to create a tree-lined parkway, improve linkages with nearby neighborhoods and preserve automobile flow and parking while at the same time making it safer for pedestrians.”

The funding through the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program will complete the section of Chicago Avenue that does not have substantial private ownership. The reason for the limited private ownership in this section is due to the fact that the Chicago Transit Authority is the majority property owner on the west side of the street between Main Street and South Boulevard. Unlike the other three sections, the City of Evanston will be unable to leverage private dollars to complete this section. More…