No, Seriously…

I am concerned citizen who has been trying to understand the 18th house race. I have only lived in this state for two years, I do not know how things have been run here in the past but looking around, this is crazy!  I have worked on campaigns locally and in DC, and so far it seems that Patrick Keenan-Devlin has done nothing but run a personality campaign with no substance.

His website and ads lead with “Get the Cash Out of Campaigns”, but he took $66,000 from a public service union.  How is this not hypocritical? 

I am 25 and about to start law school.  Coming from someone who’s there, how on Earth is he ready for this? 

He even changed his logo recently to match Jeff Smith’s more closely.  The first Patrick logo I saw was Blue and White matching Jeff’s, after Jeff switched to Blue and Green, Patrick suddenly did too.

I listened to him speak at the DPOE debate and, when asked about the Peotone Airport he gave a two minute response that never used the words “Peotone” or “airport”.  

John Shoemaker