I work for Jeff Smith, but don’t stop reading. I wanted to explain why I’m voting for him. I consider myself a pretty intelligent person, but there are many times when I will be talking to Jeff, and he’ll make me feel like I know nothing.  His sheer depth and breadth of knowledge has left me stunned on more than one occasion.  His civic involvement is something that I can only hope to come close to. 

 I did not know just how large an issue the branch libraries are in Evanston, and supported closing them.  When Jeff heard this, he sat me down to explain just why they are important, and why he has fought so hard to save them.  Now, as staff, my job is to get Jeff “dialing-for-dollars”.  But Jeff refused, and sat me down for an hour for this discussion.  And believe it or not, I’m a convert. 

 He thought it more important to let me, a voter, know why this was an important issue than to raise money.

Whenever I think about how demanding he is, I think of the fact that he’s going to be a state representative.  Shouldn’t we have someone who is going to demand the best from people and government?  I’d rather have someone like that watching my back in Springfield than someone who can schmooze a check out of a voter.  That’s why I will be proud to call Jeff Smith MY State Representative.  

Jimmy Garfield