Judge Geary Kull has been endorsed by 14 former Cook County Judges in his campaign for Cook County’s 9th Judicial Subcircuit. “I have known Judge Kull for over thirty years,” said Judge Francis A. Gembala (Ret.). “He has always exemplified the highest standards of the legal profession. His legal knowledge, work ethic, and integrity are unsurpassed.”  

In addition to Judge Gembala, 13 former Cook County judges have endorsed Judge Kull in his campaign for Cook County’s 9th Judicial Subcircuit: Sam L. Amirante (Ret.); Judge Michael Buckley Bolan; Judge Preston L. Bowie (Ret.); Judge Everett Braden (Ret.); Judge Sylvester Michael Close (Ret.); Appellate Justice Gino Divito (Ret.); Judge Francis A. Gembala (Ret.); Judge Thomas A. Hett (Ret.); Judge John E. Morrissey (Ret.); Judge Pat Morse (Ret.); Judge Sheila M. Murphy (Ret.); Judge Stuart Nudleman (Ret.); Judge Joseph Romano (Ret.); and Judge Robert Sklodowski (Ret.).

Judge Kull has been rated “highly qualified” by the Chicago Bar Association, “Highly Recommended” by the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, the Decalogue Society of Lawyers, the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois, and “Well Qualified” by the Chicago Council of Lawyers. 

 The Chicago Counsel of Lawyers has said that, “Mr. Kull is considered to have a very good legal ability, an excellent temperament, and unquestioned integrity. He has extensive litigation experience in complex matters. Mr. Kull is a solid practitioner who has earned the respect of his colleagues, lawyers and judges alike.” 

Judge Kull currently sits as a full circuit court judge in Cook County, having been appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court. He was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 1974.